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There are a number of recording projects being planned and some details are not yet final. When updated details are available, they are posted below. Please contact us in the Southern Africa office for the latest information.

Here is the need, strategy and budget for each planned recording project:

12 Languages in Madagascar - Look, Listen & Live 1-8; and Luke

Need: Record the LLL1-8 plus the book of Luke in 12 different languages:
Antandroy, Antanosy, Antemoro, Antesaka, Bara, Betsileo, Betsimaraka North, Masikoro, Vezo, Zafisoro, Tanalana, Mahafaly.
We already have draft translated scripts in all 12 languages. We aim to have final translated scripts, checked and approved by July 2017.
Read more about this project and donate online - Translation & Recording Project in Madagascar.

IsiTsonga - Good News; and Se Tswana - The Living Christ

Need: Record the IsiTsonga Good News and the Living Christ in Se Tswana in Cape Town.
Strategy: Our translation consultant needs to become available to back-translate these scripts for us before we can record. Recording will take approximately 3-4 days. Altogether possibly a month project.
Budget: R30,000
Update: Awaiting recording.
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Zulu - Living Christ

Need: Record 'The Living Christ' in Zulu.
Strategy: This script needs back-translation before it can be recorded. Recording will take 2-4 days. Altogether a 2-3 week project.
Budget: R1,500
Update: Awaiting recording.
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Tumi - The Talking Tiger

Situation: Recorded the Talking tiger Tumi script for children in English during August 2015 with Marié du Toit.
Need: Translate the script into Afrikaans and IsiXhosa. The Afrikaans translation is in progress. We received the R7,000.00 to make that happen. We need to spend R30,000.00 for studio hire and appropriate voices.
Distribution: Tumi has so far joined the staff children's hospices, early child care development centers, safe houses, and agencies dealing with children experiencing trauma.
Read more about this project and donate online - Tumi - The Talking Tiger.

IsiHlubi - Good News

Need: Record the Good News in IsiHlubi
Strategy: Emese Ferreira needs to spend 1 more day to do final checks - back-translation. Then we can record in Cape Town. Recording will take 1-2 days.
Budget: R2,000
Update: In back-translation stage, being delayed due to lack of availability of language helpers.

Lolo and Kokola - 'Firm Foundations' program and Scripture portions - Outsourced to Davar Partners

Need: We've been asked to train field recordists in Mozambique and help record the Lolo and Kokola Firm Foundations program plus Scripture portions.
Update: The project is now outsourced to Davar Partners due to the high volume of content that needs to be recorded.

Khoe and San languages - Field Evaluation of Existing Recordings

Need: Evaluate and update recordings made in the 70s and 80s.
Read more about this project and donate online - Khoe and San Language Project.

Thimbukushu - Look, Listen & Live 1-8

People group: Hambukushu
Need: Record the Thimbukushu LLL1-8 in Northwestern Botswana.
The Humbukushu are used to being treated antagonistically. They start to see this project as "somebody actually cares about them too".
Read more about this project and donate online - Thimbukushu - Look, Listen & Live 1-8.

!Kung recordings and Ju'/hoan scripture recordings - Evaluation

Need:!Kung Recordings need to be checked together with Ju'/hoan Scripture recordings and more recordings done in Namibia.
Strategy: 1-2 weeks in Tsumkwe via Windhoek, Namibia
Budget: R9,000.00
Update: Several recordings were done, portions re-recorded and additional recordings made, edited and programmed. But at least two recordings still need to be back-translated and checked, and if necessary, corrected.

Yao - Look, Listen & Live 1-8

Need: Record the Good News and Look, Listen & Live 1-8 and The Living Christ parts 1-4 in ChiYao.
We always need a recordist to become available to fly out and record these 13 programs.
Strategy: 3-4 week trip in Mangochi, Malawi. (2-3 weeks)
Budget: R31,000.00

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