Thailand's Studio Building - Fully Funded

Recording, editing and processing will be so much better with a proper studio
The Sounds of Language Foundation (GRN) Thailand team and families

GRN has been working in Thailand for 16 years. The team is excited by recent recording and distribution opportunities and would love to continue the development of their office. The office still shows evidence of being under construction.

The next step is to fit out their main recording studio as recording opportunities have increased. The original cost of the studio building project is AUD 19,011. Praise God that already, AUD 6,806 has been provided. So the balance of AUD 12,205 is needed. Furnishings and equipment will add a second AUD 20,000 to this amount.

They have a few smaller furnishing and equipment requests. Their highest priorities are:

  • Printer - 570
  • Camera - 380
  • Cabinets for kitchen - 2,500
  • Cabinets for conference room - 1,750

Please pray and give to this important work in Thailand.

The Gospel Motorcycle Team has been a real success. We are very thankful that this ministry has just received (13 Aug 2016) the funds they need to provide two new bikes which will be much better suited to the task than the existing machines.

To find out more about Thailand Needs Project please contact Christine Platt in the Australian office.

Or you can give here designating your gift to "Thailand's Needs".

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