Madagascar - Distribution of teaching materials to churches

Your donation will support the distribution of audio-visual teaching materials to churches

Dr Leoni Bouwer, SIL Associate and coordinator of several translation teams. (pictured above)

In Madagascar 80% of the population is animist, practising witchcraft and ancestral worship. 44.6% of the traditional Christians believe in ancestral worship. Only 7% of the population are evangelical Christians. (Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.") Where God's Word and God's Knowledge is absent, people suffer - also in Madagascar.

Therefore GRN joined forces with the translation teams of Dr Leoni Bouwer to help teach Malagasy people the Message of the Word of God.

  • We supply the team with GRN evangelistic tools for the church leadership to start with.
  • We network with them in order to get these materials translated, especially in the speech forms in the lower regions - not around the plateau near the capital city.

You can be a part of this great effort by adopting a church through your sponsorship of one set of audio-visual teaching materials to use in their cell group meetings, Sunday school and worship services.

One set of materials costs R924.00 or $92(US) includes:

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You can donate by clicking here, designating your gift "Madagascar Church Support".

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